Queen City Pride Board of Directors

Robb Curry – Chair of the Board


Robb with two B’s, Native of Baton Rouge LA. A founding member of Queen City Pride and I’ve been involved for the past 4 years. I’m the co owner of Madear’s Southern Eatery And Bakery. I’ve worked and lived in Manchester since 2016 and an active member Board Member of the Manchester Planning Board. I’m a father and grandfather when I’m not working I’m looking at hero action movies and spending time with family.

Queen City Pride is important as its a physical embodiment of the Queen City’s commitment to be a safe space for all.

Scott Cloutier – Director of Communications


Scott has lived in New Hampshire for most of his life and has been involved in Queen City Pride for 3 years. He is currently a Marketing Architect at Southern New Hampshire University and brings 10+ years of Digital Marketing experience to QCP. He resides in Manchester, NH with his partner, Ronnie and their cat Thor. He enjoys traveling, is a foodie and loves working on projects that will better the community.

Queen City Pride is important to New Hampshire because the LGBTQI+ community needs more significant representation and celebration across New England.

Alison Batey – Director of Youth Services


Alison is the General Manager of Granite Base Camp. In this role she is working to replicate the Base Camp model of scouting that allows for the public to explore and experience scouting while removing some of the barriers. As part of her work in the Scouts, Alison has created the LGBTQ+ Scouts and Allies group on Facebook which has grown to over 1400 members all over the world. The group provides support to leaders and scouts who are working toward inclusive practices in the Scouting world. She also sits on the national LGBTQ+ employee resource group board to engage LGBTQ+ professional scouts and their allies.

Queen City Pride is important to give a voice to a growing community of LGBTQ+ people who need support to be able to be fully included in their homes, workplaces and communities.

Chris Matthews – Director of Training, Diversity & Inclusion


Dr. Lowell C. Matthews serves as associate professor of Global Business and Leadership, lead of Project AIM, and director of the University Honors Program at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). His research interests include organizational culture, global leadership practices, and social justice and equity. He serves in leadership roles for several nonprofit organizations including the World Affairs Council of NH, Endowment for Health, New England Names Project, Racial Unity Team, and volunteers locally with the Ann Theodore Foundation.

Queen City Pride is important because community important. To build an inclusive community requires creating space for individuals to connect with each other. Queen City Pride is that space. A space for connection and family.

Jessica Cantin – Director of Governance


Jessica Cantin is the CEO of YWCA New Hampshire; a social justice organization part of a federated movement of YWCA associations across the country. She also is an adjunct instructor for Southern New Hampshire University in their undergraduate social sciences program. She has over 23 years of experience supporting individuals and families in New Hampshire. She loves public speaking, is an aspiring yogi, loves to travel, and be exposed to new cultural experiences. She resides in Manchester with her husband, their children, and two dogs-Marley and Charlie. Through her work in the community, Jessica has been involved with Pride events for Manchester, worked to bring programming to YW for LGBTQ+ children, youth and adult.

Queen City Pride is important as it provides a center of gravity for the LGBTQ+ community and allies to engage fully in the City through cultural events, creative expression and social justice.

Chloé LaCasse – Director of Community Engagement


A storyteller and educator, Chloé came out as transgender in 2016. She quickly found her voice while volunteering with trans peers and allies on the historic New Hampshire transgender nondiscrimination campaign of 2017-2018. Since becoming a regular volunteer with the ACLU NH and an organizer with local and national grassroots nonprofits. Within organizing Chloé discovered her love and natural ability to communicate on the big stage. She’s become a regular voice in the New Hampshire LGBTQ community, organizing rallies, appearing on panels and even sharing her experiences on local radio programs. Outside of advocacy Chloé has been called artsy, as she’s an avid photographer and videographer, and loves architectural history and how the relationships we have with the buildings we live and work within play a role in how we think about ourselves and our communities. She also regularly takes on carpentry projects and has even designed and built several pieces of furniture.

She currently lives in Concord with her partner Jess and cat ZuZu.

Queen City Pride is important because visibility creates affirmation. And where Manchester is the largest city in the State, there’s an ongoing need for us in the LGBTQ community to make and keep space for those who need it most. Coming out as trans saved my life. Not because I finally got to live in femme & technicolor, but because I gave myself permission to meet, know and fall in love with a person I was told never existed. Organizations like Queen City Pride ensure that folks can be who they are and love who they love without fear or shame. And that’s a beautiful thing!